Learn More About Bootstrap: Infographics

Learn more about Bootstrap: infographics
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Learn More About Bootstrap: Infographics

If you have been reading dzyngiri.com for a while, then you may remember the List of Responsive Grid Frameworks that we made. One of the frameworks on the list was Bootstrap. We hope you took a chance to check it out, and today we’d like to show you an inforgraphics that will help you know more about Bootstrap.

Actually, Twitter Bootstrap is a new framework, but it grows in popularity because anyone without a deep knowledge of HTML and CSS can easily use it in order to build web pages and applications. Moreover, Bootstrap allows building different kinds of web pages (responsive and unresponsive ones). When you download Bootstrap (btw it’s free) you get all the things you need to build a website: styles, code snippets, JavaScript plugins, interface components, etc. In other words, it will reduce the time you spend on changing the background of your site or adding interface elements like buttons, tables, forms, carousels, etc.

We take Bootstrap as a great toolkit for web developers and that’s why we’re sharing an inforgraphics about Bootstrap with you. We hope you’ll find it useful because it offers the most interesting Bootstrap tips and resources. And if you know some other resources that Bootstrap fans would love to see, please let us know in the comments.

Bootstrap Infographics

Note: Above is a static infographics. Please click here to get to the interactive infographics.

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  1. No JS doesn’t have its own logo exactly, even just writing the letters JS or not having a logo at all would have been better.

    Java and Javascript have no relation at all.

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