Basic Technologies & Resources for Augmenting Your Joomla Development Prowess

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Basic Technologies & Resources for Augmenting Your Joomla Development Prowess

As Joomla strengthens its core capabilities and throttle WordPress to assume its role of being the top most downloaded content management, it gets more important now than ever before for the developers to be at the best of their game and perk up their coding credentials. Here in this article we shall be discussing various multiple coding disciplines which the community of Joomla developers may master in their leisure time and hence amplify their Joomla prowess. And as a business entity looking forward to outsource your project, you should carefully hand pick the developer who, apart from being a connoisseur of this said system, is also well versed with various other technologies discussed further ahead in this article.

Joomla alone might not be the ideal solution, but when its capabilities are synergized with the below mentioned tools and technologies, the end result is exceedingly top notch and unrivaled in its niche. Looking for ways to improve your Joomla prowess, read ahead to discover more on how:

Boot-camp with Bootstrap


It is insane the way Bootstrap has become the buzzword in the Joomla community, so much so that it has out-shined the hype around responsive designing. Bootstrap supports rapid development, makes available a herd of styling potentials and well has responsive design integrated in it. And if you want any further reasons to learn Bootstrap, follow through:

  • Contains various out of the box styling options, such as image slider, navigation bars and tabbed content.
  • May be the standard CSS framework for all of the Joomla sites in future
  • Makes styling a cakewalk via CSS classes.
  • Helps developers provide robust structure to the website.
  • Makes responsive design a cinch.

Master Cascading Style Sheets

Master CSS

Cascading style sheets or CSS is perhaps the best course you may take up to strengthen your prowess as a web designer, and eventually master the entire toolbox of Joomla. CSS is the royalty or novelty of the sorts, when it comes to designing the pages, and hence there isn’t a bigger favor which you can do to the budding designers inside of you than to take up a course in CSS, or learn it via very many online tutorials.

With you acquiring the knowledge of CSS coding, you would be able to perform the following tasks even while sleep walking:

  • Restructure page elements, including the headers, footers and the sidebars.
  • Customize display, fonts, sizes, borders and background colors.
  • Redefine the spaced between several sections of the page.
  • Give a unique style to the modules.
  • jQuery or JavaScript

With CSS you get to control the front end, whatever that glitters, but with JavaScript right in its place, you actually get to enhance and strengthen whatever lies underneath the superficial skin. Okay, our analogies may not be that pretty awesome, but an in-depth knowledge of JS will let you turn up with some of the most pretty awesome stuff that you have developed in a long while.

Since JavaScript is the integral part of Joomla, it lets you control a lot of factors on the front end, but more importantly develop a deeper understanding while troubleshooting problems.

The fantastic Firebug

Fantastic Firebug

Firebug is a tool for smart thinkers, competitive and agile developers. This very tool not only allows the developers to significantly enhance their coding hand, but also allow them to acquire the best coding practices of other websites and keep them at their disposal. Firebug is primarily a Firefox plugin which allows the developers to get a gist of each and every element present in any website that they are viewing and hence use the ones which they like for the sites that they would be developing. Besides, the best part is that Firebug allows the developers to make critical changes in the site, while being on the move, anytime that they desire.

Clear the basics with PHP Language


Like it was even a trick question?! Everyone acquainted with the world of CMS’s knows that it is PHP that has powered almost all of the development frameworks and content management systems, and Joomla is no exception. In order to further intensify and magnify your Joomla prowess, especially while working with Joomla core, customizing extensions and templates, it is important to have a strong hand in PHP.

A working knowledge of PHP helps Joomla Programmer to reorganize login and contact forms, and exploit Template overrides to the best of its potential.

And now the ultimate Jackpot: Resources to start learning

Perhaps we are feeling particularly kind today or something, but lastly we would like to share some of our resources with you, so that you can start your tryst with becoming the most potent and well trained Joomla expert. Firstly, start with Google or any other search engine of your preferred choice and follow various tech bloggers for references, tip and tricks. Other than that, we shall take you leave after talking a little about these 3 other resources:

  • Bootstrap: you would require Bootstrap for your projects eventually, and the online resource place is very well documented. It is almost as flipping through the pages of a magazine.
  • Code Academy: This is an amazing source for online reading, and is available free of cost. It covers a wide range of topics such as HTML, CSS, jQuery and JavaScript, and PHP and is perhaps the best destination for learners, especially if you think you have just begun with the entire development tasks.
  • Firebug: You would hardly require much of time to get acquainted with Firebug, if you would just make the best of it. Spend whatever little time that it takes, and we ensure that you would thank us for the same later.

This is all that we had for today. We are hopeful that the resources which we shared would be of help for you. For excellent Joomla development services consider hiring an expert offshore center for your project. And now please do let us know your thoughts and opinions about the technologies and resources which we shared in this article, in the comments section below. We await your responses.

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