Foundation: Responsive Frontend Framework

Responsive Front-end Framework
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If you are about to start developing the frontend of your upcoming project and want to make it responsive then you must have a look at this article. No matter what kind of website you are designing. Whether it is online portfolio, creative website, ecommerce website, corporate or retail, you can use this frontend framework to make your website responsive. So, today we would like to introduce a completely responsive frontend framework, Foundation. Yes, it is completely free!

Foundation is a free responsive frontend framework. When we first interacted with this framework, it was looking quite difficult to deal with as compare to other responsive grid framework. But this thought vanished after 5 minutes. And we think it is one of the most flexible and user friendly frontend framework to work with.

The most important point, this framework is completely responsive with various other options and plugins. You can actually customize your download as per your need and requirement. When you start designing frontend of your website, you will hardly need any other resource or out of the box plugin.

Following are some features of Foundation:

Fluid Grid System

The fluid grid system perfectly fits into almost all kind of screen resolution. To serve better on mobile screens, it uses media queries. Ideally the fluid grid system has 12 columns, as it is a multiple of 2, 3, 4 and 6. Foundation also supports the nested grid system which makes it flexible to use.

Built with Sass

SASS is a very powerful CSS preprocessor. This actually allows you to write nested variables, mixins, etc. SASS completely transformed the execution and efficiency of CSS. And these properties got embedded with the foundation also because of the use of SASS.

Cross browser Compatibility

Yes, foundation frontend framework is compatible with all the major browsers playing in the market. Like Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari, IE8+ and all. It renders beautifully on the mobile browsers too!

Developing Prototype

Due to the vast range of styles, elements, plugins and components, you can develop the responsive prototype very much rapidly. And you can shift it to the production quickly from prototype as you can do the development over the prototype build from foundation. Foundation is very much flexible to do both: prototyping and production.

You can give a try to this really awesome frontend framework. Download it from here:

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